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J.P., Bob and Larry Make Their Marks in League Date 3

Bob D'Addario, John Power and Larry Durham each made some noise in the NYTHL's 3rd League date of 2016. Bob made his debut in the final 4 on the heels of his best round robin finish, compiling a record of 11-6-3 on the day. He earned a bye in the first round of playoffs then went on to defeat John Fayolle in a white wash - sweeping the series in 3 games. Congratulations to Bob who qualified for his first Semi-Final. John Power made a strong statement, pronouncing that he is not only back, but means business. He plowed through the competition for a 16-2-2 record then went on to POWER past Len Mecca and The Vinner, winning each series 3 games to 1. His day culminated with a 3 games to 1 Finals loss to Lou. J.P. by winning that one game dealt The Legend his only loss of the day. Larry also continues to improve having won a personal best 7 games during round robin play. His last game victory over Len Mecca enabled him to pass Len in the league date 3 standings by 1 point. Beating Len is no easy task. All three of the above men deserve some props for their fine play.

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