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NYTHL 2022-2023 AWARDS

Fred Tinao (left) ran away with rookie of the year honors. Aside from finishing 4th overall in the year end playoffs, he compiled a record of 62-37-15 for a .609 winning percentage in his debut season. He will no doubt be a player to watch in upcoming seasons. Derek Nesbett (center) became the first (last year) and second recipient of the newly named Anthony Sciacca Sportsmanship award. Despite winning just one game last year and three this year, Derek continues to play hard, and with great enthusiasm. He best exemplifies what the Sciacca award is all about. Walter Zissler (right) finished 28 games under 500 last season. He then made the commitment to practice hard and scrimmage whenever he can. Walter finished two games over the 500 mark this season and his record doesn't tell the whole story. Those who Watched him play and competing against him all agree his game has improved in leaps and bounds. Congratulations to these three men.


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