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2021-2022 NYTHL AWARDS

Paul Crescitelli (left) successfully built upon his last year's rookie of the year award by following it up with this season's Most Improved Player award. He went from 21 games under the 500 mark to 39 games over. In just his second season he is already amongst the NYTHL's elite. Derek Nesbett (center) became the first recipient of the newly named Anthony Sciacca Sportsmanship award. Despite winning just one game all year, Derek played hard, and with a smile. Now that he has his own game - he is sure to improve exponentially. Derek's infectious enthusiasm for the game best exemplifies why he is a worthy of this award. Arnie Layton (right) took home this year's Rookie of the Year award. From day one - Arnie served notice that he was here to win. In just his first season Arnie won several B titles and numerous playoff series. Arnie finished just two games under 500 for the season and has wins over every top player. Congratulations to all three of these men for making an immediate impact on the NYTHL.


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