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2020-2021 NYTHL AWARDS

Phil Lynch (Left) took home the league's Most Improved Player award for the 2020-2021 season. Phil improved all aspects of his game and is quickly ascending amongst the league's elite. He has also made countless contributions to the league by designing the league logo, table covers and signage. Anthony Sciacca (Center) took home the 2020-2021 sportsmanship award. As always his class and gentlemanly demeanor best exemplifies what it means to be a player in the NYTHL. Because Anthony has won the award every year he was eligible - the league has decided to rename it. Now know as the Anthony Sciacca Sportsmanship award, Anthony will no longer be able to win it, but will now present it each year. This was probably the only way anyone else would ever have a chance to win the award. Tony as he is affectionately known is the consummate player and sportsman. Paul Crescitelli (Right) was this year’s 2020-2021 Rookie of the Year. Once he started, Paul quickly caught the bug making every league date. Traveling back and forth from Massachusetts with Brian Sullivan, Paul's immeasurable enthusiasm has enabled him to learn fast and rise in the standings. He also runs his own league The Merrimack Valley Table Hockey League back in Massachusetts. The league was originally founded by Ken "The Slammer" Dubois Sr. and was played on the Munro style board. The league has now been rebooted by Paul, and It is unique because five different boards (Coleco Long Board. Coleco S-Slot, Benej, Stiga and Munro) are all competed on. These three gentlemen are all worthy recipients of their awards and have been great participants in the league. Congratulations on a job well done.


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