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Dr. Lou Goes Distance But Is Still Last Man Standing

Lou "The Legend" Marinoff had to dig deep and fight tooth and nail, but in the end prevailed in a thrilling league date III final. February's installment of the NYTHL's Season did not disappoint as there was a little of everything. Marinoff reclaimed the top spot in the standings (tied in points but ahead via tiebreak) for the year and took home another league date title. The Dr. finished first in round robin play with an impressive record of 12-1-1, surrendering just 21 goals in the process. The Vinner finished 4 points behind with a record of 10-3-1. John Fayolle (8-5-1) and Len Mecca (7-6-1) were the only other participants with winning records at the conclusion of Round Robin play. The Best of Five Quarterfinals went smoothly for Marinoff and The Vinner who each swept their way into the Semi-Finals. The Legend defeated an always tough Anthony Sciacca and Catania defeated the rapidly improving Larry Durham. The 4th ranked Len Mecca needed 4 games to defeat Moussa "The Cleaver" Chermiti in a thrilling series 3 games to 1. The Biggest upset of the day was in the 3 vs 6 Quarterfinal where the 6th ranked Bob D'Addario who was a disappointing 2-7-5 in round robin play took out Johnny "NY Lightning" Fayolle in just 4 games. D'Addario won going away in games 1 and 2 by scores of 8-4 and 5-1. The two then exchanged 4-3 games to give D'Addario his second ever trip into the semis, unfortunately the clock struck midnight on Bob's Cinderella run as he then had to face top seeded Marinoff. Although Bob came up with a spirited effort and even took a game, he fell short vs the Legend losing games one and two by scores of 5-2 and 3-1. Following his game three 4-3 victory he was then closed out by the master by a score of 4-1, punching Marinoff's ticket to another final. The Vinner had to renew his rivalry with the very capable and savvy Len Mecca. The Vinner took the series in a three game sweep; however each game was hard fought and closer than the scores indicated. The Stage was set for another Marinoff VS Catania showdown. The Vinner for a second straight league date final won game 1, this time by a by a 4-2 margin, but then failed to grab a foothold on the series by losing a very exciting game 2 in a long, back and forth overtime 6-5. It was indeed dejavue because as in the January series - Lou also won game three. Unlike the prior month's series where Lou closed out Vinny in game 4 - this time it was The Vinner scoring another 4-2 victory to force a deciding fifth game. In something not familiar to the Defending Champion, Lou was facing elimination in a the winner take all series finale. Like the true Champion he is Marinoff dug deep, rose to the occasion and turned away Catania 5-3 to win the series 3 games to 2 and claim yet another League Date title. The Vinner is no doubt knocking at the door and the pounding may be harder and more rapid, but for now the door remains shut. "Lou is known as "The Legend" for that very reason. He wins and continues to fend off any and all comers. He deserves a lot of credit and respect for that" said Catania following the loss. Finally Len Mecca came back from a game down to defeat Bob D'Addario 2 games to 1 in the 3rd place Consolation Series. Congratulations to all the place winners on the day. League Date IV should be very interesting.

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