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2nd League Date Full of Surprises

Although there was no change at the top with Lou Marinoff winning both league dates so far, the N.Y.T.H.L. in its infancy, has already provided some exciting moments. The return of John Power was one of them. J.P.'s impact on the New York area for table hockey is immeasurable. Simply stated - this league and the assembly of fine gentlemen who play in it - doesn't exist if not for the hard work and dedication he has put forth. Power took a break for a bit and some questioned if and when he would return. Saturday those questions were answered. J.P. announced his return by mowing down his first five opponents on his way to a 4th place finish in round robin play with a record of 11-6-3. His biggest impact on the day however was when he took out John "N.Y. Lightening" Fayolle in the quarterfinals by defeating him 3 games to 2. That brings us to the second surprise. Anthony "Body Chexx" Sciacca. What a day he had! After laboring through some flu like symptoms - Sciacca made his presence known by compiling an 11-5-4 record in preliminary action. Victories over The Vinner, John Fayolle, and Len Mecca as well as a tie with Lou helped catapult him into a very strong 3rd place finish on the day. His run wasn't done there as he played in the most thrilling series of the day in the quarter-finals -VS- Len Mecca. Although he won the series 3 games to 1, the series featured a game 2 overtime which lasted longer than regulation, where he suffered his only defeat of the series 3-2. Games 3 and 4 were decided by just one goal as game 4 went to overtime as well with Sciacca emerging victorius. Anthony went on to the Semi-Finals where he lost to the Vinner 3 games to 1 in a series where the scores were not indicative of how close the games really were. Eventually the 2 biggest surprises (Anthony and John Power) would could collide in the 3rd place consolation game in which J.P. was victorious by a 5-4 score. What a day for both players. In other league news John Fayolle had 11 wins in the round robin which puts him in 3rd after 2 league dates. Bob "Bitcoin" D'Addario continued his fierce rivalry with Moussa Chermiti. Although they didn't meet in the playoffs, every game they play is a war and Saturday was no different. On this day Bob got the better of play by the norrowist of margins. After tying in their first game, Bob defeated Moussa 5-4 to earn temporary bragging rights. The always interesting Father-Son battle between Larry and Ryan Durham went to the elderstatesman as Larry defeated and tied his son in the 2 games they played. Although Rich only had 2 wins on the day - he was able to defeat an improving Larry and compete in 2 very close losses versus John Fayolle. Its only a matter of time before Larry, Ryan and Rich gain the necessary experience to make a deep run on these league dates. Time and experience are the only things holding back this talented trio.

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